Alle Stadtführungen und Events in München für Gruppen

Überblick über alle unsere Stadtführungen und Veranstaltungen für Gruppen in München. Trotz des großen Angebots ist es nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus unserem Repertoire. Wenn Sie etwas nicht finden, was Sie gerne hätten, zögern Sie nicht uns anzurufen! 

Legends & Myths

Guided tour with actors: Legends & Myths: Dramatic as well as funny stories and anecdotes convey an idea of the daily lives and beliefs of a long-time gone Munich. You will find out about a cannon ball gone astray, the Pretzel Rider and a crown prince who got kidnapped by a monkey. Moreover, you will be provided with a favourable life and love "insurance" and you will learn how you could get lucky and rich...

Goods and services:

- competent and entertaining tour guide for up to 2 hours -

different acting scenes in historic clothing performed by two professional


Group offer 430,- €

Prices include VAT