Extended General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Use of Online-Tickets from Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München.


For selected events Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München offers the Print@remove-this.home version for online-tickets.


The customer’s offer to conclude a contract arises upon their correctly inputting and sending their address and the correct statement and transmission of all the data necessary for handling payment.

Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München accepts the customer´s contract offer aimed at the provision of the specific service by sending a confirmation e-mail. For that it is necessary that the customer enters the e-mail address correctly on the internet. 
For the sale of online-tickets (entrance tickets), e.g. for concerts, musicals, theatre visits, sport events or other leisure activities like guided city tours, guided tours of museums, day trips etc. there is no distance contract under Article  § 312 b Section 3 Number 6 BGB (German Civil Code). This means that the customer has no right of cancellation or right of return toward Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München. Thus every purchase of online-tickets is binding and the customer is obliged to pay the ordered online-tickets.



The offered price for the online-ticket is the final price including VAT.



The forwarding of the ordered tickets with the Print@remove-this.home method takes place directly with the customer by printing the tickets sent online. The customer may only print one copy of his or her ordered ticket for the purpose of meeting the prescribed use; he or she is not entitled to reproduce, copy or change the ticket, in whichever form.

Unauthorised multiplying or reselling of a Print@remove-this.home ticket does not enable attendance to the event. Each ticket has its own and unique ticket-ID.

In case Print@remove-this.home ticket copies show up, the organiser has the right to deny the owner of the copies or the owner of the unauthorised multiplied ticket to the attendance of the event. Furthermore Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München reserves the right to demand the full payment of the unauthorised multiplied Print@remove-this.home tickets as well as compensation of any damages (including financial losses and/or judicial or extrajudicial expenses of prosecution or defence). Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by unauthorised multiplication or misuse of Print@remove-this.home tickets.

Please keep your Print@remove-this.home ticket like cash or ordinary tickets in a safe place to prevent misuse. In case of loss and/ or misuse of the tickets Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München bears no responsibility and will not replace the ticket.

The resale of tickets purchased with the Print@remove-this.home method is explicitly not permitted.

Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München does not guarantee that the operation of its website is undisturbed by faults and interruptions. Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München will endeavour to maintain the operation of its website free of faults and interruptions as far as it is technically possible according to reasonable standards. Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München does not guarantee that the website is free of viruses or other disturbing factors and does not assume liability.



The total price of the order is to be paid immediately after the conclusion of the contract and after the receipt of the confirmation e-mail.

If a payment is reversed or re-debited Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München has the right to the immediate return delivery of the online-tickets ordered. The customer is obliged to the make good the damage caused by this reversal debit toward Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München and the organiser. If the online-tickets are not sent back within 7 days after the notification of the customer about the reversal of payment, Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München is entitled (but not obligated) to withdraw from the contract and to sell the online-ticket otherwise.

Payment is possible by credit card and by direct debit.



All data entered by the customer (address data, credit card data, account information etc.) as well as IP-addresses are automatically encrypted during the transmission to Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München (SSL 128 Bit) and are treated confidentially.

All data submitted by phone by the customer (address data, credit card data, account information) are also treated confidentially by Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München.

All data submitted by the customer shall not be transferred to third parties. The information is only passed on to third parties if it is needed by the contracting parties for performance of the contract.



In the context of the sale of online-tickets for e.g. concerts, musicals, theatre visits, sport events or other leisure activities like guided city tours, tours of museums, day trips etc. this shall not be considered a distance contract under Article § 312 b Section 3 Number 6 BGB (German Civil Code). This means the online-tickets are excluded from the right of return or right to exchange. Thus every order of online-tickets is binding and the customer is obliged to pay for the ordered online-tickets.
Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in case of obvious errors in price as well as in the event of the impossibility of the service concerned and in cases of force majeure. In case of non-availability of the arranged service Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München shall immediately notify the customer that its services are unavailable and reimburse the customer for any amounts that the customer has already paid.
The customer´s withdrawal from the contract as well as a resulting return of online-tickets are only possible when postponing the event´s date or in the case of cancellation of the event. In the event of a loss of the online-ticket a reimbursement is not possible.
In the case of a reversal Print@remove-this.home-Tickets do not have to be sent back, they will be declared invalid. A reimbursement of ticket money for Print@remove-this.home-Tickets shall be only made to the original purchaser.



Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München is excluded from liability for claims of damages for contractual, quasi-contractual, tortious or other legal grounds. This does not apply if life, limb or health is harmed or if harm is due to wilful or grossly negligent behaviour on the part of Weis(s)er Stadtvogel or its vicarious agents or if breach is due to non-fulfilment of an essential obligation for the purpose of the contract. Furthermore other mandatory legal claims on liability remain unaffected.

When Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München has information about cancelled or changed event dates the customers are informed immediately by Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München, provided that a valid e-mail address, telephone number or postal address was indicated when placing the order.

The customer is obliged to check the online-tickets for correctness and completeness (especially for event, date, time, price and amount) immediately after the delivery of the online-tickets. Complaints must be made to Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München as soon as possible in writing (via e-mail, fax or per post) within 3 working days. After expiry of this term any objections toward the online-tickets are excluded.



Should parts of these terms and conditions be invalid, this shall have no impact on the validity of this contract or the remaining terms and conditions. The sole place of jurisdiction is the at the registered office of Weis(s)er Stadtvogel München in Munich. The applicable law shall be exclusively the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Status as of 04 March 2013

In case of doubt, the German version is valid.